Don’t stress about risk management – leave it to us

Whether you are a mom-and-pop restaurant or a million dollar industrial giant, you are required to maintain some form of insurance. Insurance is readily available to most entrepreneurs, however, the challenge is making sure that your insurance is sufficient and appropriate for your business.

For small and medium size companies, significant changes within the business can be very challenging. Usually, these companies do not have a dedicated risk manager or insurance broker that has the ability to quickly gather the data, and arrange any new insurance that may be required. Unfortunately, these circumstances can have a direct impact on success because the risk costs may not have been considered when progressing.

At Your Way Insurance, we have the knowledge and background to help clients successfully navigate these types of situations. We have the resources to find the best "fit" for your insurance needs with the most competitive pricing. Whenever you need support to help manage the risks and insurance issues when considering a new business opportunity, we can help you protect your business interests as you grow and expand.

External Risks Financial Risks Strategic Risks Operational Risks

• New Markets

• Competition

• Economic Trends

• Technology

• Political &
Social Impact

• Capital

• Legal & Regulatory

• Stakeholders

• Customer

• Brand Erosion

• Customer

• Information Security

• Property

• Logistics

• Health & Safety

• Product Pricing

• Quality Control

• Investment

• Credit

• Counterparty

• Derivatives

• Liquidity

• Interest Rates

• Pension Funds

• Taxation

• Market Share

• Mergers

• Acquisitions

• Manpower

• Technology

• Market Planning

• Joint Ventures


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